Ask yourself the following five questions about printing in your business:

  1. Do you worry about printing and associated consumables and troubleshooting more than five minutes per day? 
  2. Do you ever wonder what you and your staff could be doing with all the time and energy you would save by removing all of the hassle surrounding office printing and ordering? 
  3. On your busiest days, does Murphy’s Law of Office Printers ever show up, right when you least need to experience it?
  4. Does the quality of what you print for your customers serve as a reflection of your business?
  5. Would you like to have absolutely printing cost predictability–so you can avoid it being something that is handled as issues and refills come about?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions you should consider giving Rapid a call – right now: (919) 876-8101.

There are some things that are still free in the world, at least at Rapid Refill:

  • FREE Cost analysis: we can figure out how to increase efficiency and value compared to how you are doing things now.
  • FREE Onsite audit: we want to walk your space with you to figure out your workflows and bottlenecks so we can best make individualized recommendations.
  • FREE QUOTE: we always provide a detailed and documented plan of action with clear costs.
  • FREE TRAINING: after installation, we don’t leave until you know exactly how everything works. 

We'll help boost your productivity while saving you money!